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Clinic video of Patient 1,692…

A very nice gentleman who is one of 93% of our patients who are better at their very first Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment.

He suffered from left Shoulder Tendonitis for Three years.
Unable to raise his arm above shoulder level no matter how hard he tried.
He even attempted to “swing” it up but to no avail.

Previously during the last Three years, he was prescribed and tried the usual physical therapy, several times, but didn’t find any relief.
He was just stuck, literally, with an arm and shoulder that no longer worked normally… as you will see.

When he arrived at our clinic he showed us his severe limitation of movement of the left shoulder and arm. Though difficult for him, this kind of problem is something we see every day.

After a thorough orthopedic examination, it was apparent that he did have Shoulder Tendonitis. However,  the treatment previously prescribed was not correct to fix his Shoulder Tendonitis.  His shoulder had locked down due to the pain. His shoulder was not allowing proper movement to return.

His Shoulder Tendon (like most people) was NOT the problem.
We needed to gently correct the way the Shoulder was moving… because of his Tendonitis.

Here is his video.

In it, you will see how he had been suffering from a lack of movement for the past Three years.

Then you will see his  ~After Treatment~  video of his NEW found movement.
This after just 5 Minutes of Treatment.

All Treatment is 100% Pain-FREE.

(NO Surgery, pills, injections, cortisone, laser, ultrasound, shockwave, etc. None of that, because it doesn’t work quickly.)

Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment Patient 1,692

Friday, 26/09/2018

Diagnosed with Tendonitis for 3 years
Multiple Physio Sessions No Help
Arthroscopic Surgery Recommended

Surgery AVOIDED!

Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment Patient 1 Algarve

Dr. Bock has been providing the Revolutionary Shoulder Treatment since working as an Olympic doctor…

in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. For 35 years he has helped 1000’s of patients regain their normal Pain-FREE shoulder mobility.

While working with Olympic athletes he realized that there had to be a better way to help them return to their competition in a matter of days or weeks (rather than the usual 4-6 months of treatment). He is a world leader in Shoulder rehabilitation and is a consultant to major insurance companies in the US helping to remodel the way Shoulder Treatment is provided.

Dr. Bock has been caring for Patients in the Algarve providing Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment since 2012.
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