Shoulder Bursitis

Care of Shoulder Bursitis is easier when we correctly understand how Shoulder Bursitis happens.

Bursitis is caused by an Aggravation to the Shoulder Bursa.

The aggravation is most commonly caused by either:

  • Over-use as a result of the tendon rubbing the bursa too much, or,
  • Compression as a result of the shoulder bones repeatedly squeezing the bursa causing it to swell and become painful.

Treatment must be focused on stopping the Compression and/or over-use of the tendon that lays on top of and repeatedly rubs the bursa. (If someone is continually squeezing and pressing on your finger, no amount of “care” to the finger is going to help. We have to stop the squeezing and rubbing!)


Old thinking and care are misguided. It says that the “cause” of Bursitis is that the bursa is “inflamed”.  This is incorrect.
There is NO:

  • Infection
  • Inflammatory cells
  • It is not Hot and filled with blood
  • No Bacteria
  • No Virus
  • No Chemical Molecule Mediators
  • Not an Immune Response

Shoulder Bursitis care that attempts to control “inflammation” is doomed to failure since it is not correcting the underlying problem. Patients suffer far too long with the wrong treatment.

At The Pain-FREE Shoulder Clinic, we direct our Treatment specifically to gently stop and relieve the compression of the bursa and correct the over-use of the tendon. The irritation is corrected and the bursa quickly heals and your pain goes away. Your normal movement returns.

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