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Patient Video Review, Mr. Solferini – January, 2020

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Patient 1692      Friday, 26/09/2018
Video Before & After 1st Treament

Orthopedist Diagnosis: Shoulder Tendonitis
Recommendation:  Arthroscopic Surgery

Previous Years: Multiple Physio (Physical Therapy) Sessions No Help

This gentleman wasn’t able to lift his left arm above shoulder level for 3 years.

6 minutes of Treatment… arm straight up, NO pain.  

His smile says it all!

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Review 1

Vic Tomlin

I can 100% recommendation Dr Bock in Portimao. Worth traveling too, in fact, I’d have traveled from the UK to see him had I known about him previously.

His treatment is quite revolutionary and taken me from a life changing injury 1.5 yrs ago to pretty much normal!

Review 2

Kitty Guerreiro  

Review on March 1, 2019 at 1:42 PM (link pain free shoulder clinic facebook logo) 

I would recommend Dr Bock, as he is very helpful and my shoulder was already on the way to recovery (after 4 years of problems) and I only had 3 treatments, one of which was an assessment.

Nearly 2 months on, and my shoulder is much better. I am able to rely on it more to carry things and do different movements, instead of always protecting it, as I had been doing to avoid pain.

The treatment is painless and non invasive, and lets you take control of your recovery through different exercises which make sense.

Thanks Dr Bock and Carla, for your kindness, expertise and attention. If you have a shoulder problem, don’t wait for it to get better on it’s own: it won’t. Go and get treatment, then you can get your life back!

Review 3

   Kathy Reid‎ 

I wanted to share something with you. I am not a friend or someone paid to write this, you can check my profile, I am a self employed person who relies very much on being able bodied. So here is my story:

About 2 years ago I started suffering with a sore shoulder, I ignored it as you do thinking it would get better but it was only when I could no longer hold my weight on it that I realized I needed to do something.

I am not one for tablet and injections so I looked for other options, I tried Massage, Reiki, Acupuncture and Physiotherapy nothing worked so eventually I went to see a Consultant who sent me for Ultrasound, I had Tendonitis, Bursitis and Tenosynovitis in other words the Rotator cuff was damaged, they recommended a Cortisone injection which I did with much reluctance, that didn’t work even with 3 months physio, back to the consultant and I was told I needed another one, another 3 months physio and that didn’t work!

I had run out of options so I went back to the UK and had the shoulder manipulated under General Anaesthetic. Everything I didn’t want to do… I had yet another 3 months physio and this time I saw a bit of improvement but not enough to allow me to do simple things like wash my hair using both hands. I carried on with all the exercises I had been set and started some Yoga movements hoping this will help.

Then I spotted an Advert in one of the local papers for someone claiming to be “The Shoulder Doctor” and claiming to get more movement on the first session.

Look, I’m from Liverpool so I didn’t quite believe what was written but the first consultation was free and I thought what do I have to lose.

Wonderful Carla managed to slot me in and I saw Dr Bock, I kid you not on the first session I went from not being able to touch the top of my head to being able to do this and reaching just behind it… Impossible you say, well I didn’t believe it either, I went home and washed my hair with two hands not one… 

The simple explanation is he made me think about the way I was reaching for things and showed me how to reprogramme my brain to move correctly, a simple turn of the hand made a massive difference to me. The cost was the same as the Physiotherapy which I had been doing for around a year, with very little difference. I’ve had 5 sessions and I can now almost touch my fingers together behind my back. Side movement is not quite there yet but we are working on it. Not twice a week like physio but once every other week or so and have time to practice. I guess he will see you as often as needed.

For me the difference is amazing, I just wish I had seen him two years ago!
All that wasted money!!!

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