Diagnosed with Shoulder Bursitis?  ALGARVE

Diagnosed with Shoulder Bursitis?

Painful Shoulder Bursa and the pain doesn’t stop?

Cortisone, Injections, Ice, Rest, Physio?

Not helping? 

Shoulder Bursitis…
Get Fixed Fast!

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  • Painful Shoulder Bursitis quickly relieved
  • Get Your mobility and movement back
  • Your bursitis calms down quickly
  • Use your arm again!

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The Pain-FREE Shoulder Clinic

Patient 5113   Saturday, Dec 5, 2018

Orthopedist Diagnosis: Subacromial Shoulder Bursitis
Recommendation:  Immediate Surgery

8 minutes of Treatment and she can raise her arm above her head for the 1st time in nearly 2 years.
NO Pain!  No Surgery!


A Bursa is a fluid-filled sac (a pillow) that helps a tendon to easily glide around a joint. Cusions tissues between bones. It also helps stop friction of the tendon. (very important!)

Shoulder bursitis happens when one of the bursae gets irritated and pinched causing it to react by filling with more fluid. As more fluid comes into the bursa the space gets tighter increasing the squeezing on both the bursa and the tendon… causing pain and reduced movement.

Shoulder Bursitis is not a true “-itis” or inflammation. Rather it is a “over-fluid” reaction to:

  • The squeezing and compression of the bursa caused by the collision of the shoulder bones.
  • Sometimes from the over-use of the tendon causing pressure against the bursa.

When there’s too much irritation, the bursa swells to try and help out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help.

Understanding that bursitis is a symptom of another problem is the key to correct care.
That “problem” is causing irritation of the bursa and improper movement of the shoulder.

What’s a better Treatment for the Bursa?

Stop the irritation and your Bursa quickly improves.

The Difference in Care is VERY Important.

Traditional care is treating ONLY the symptom, not the real problem. It’s why so many people struggle to get well… taking months or years.

Usual care offered for an (incorrectly) diagnosed ‘burs-itis’ is:

  • anti-inflammatories (anti-inflammation!)
  • rest
  • injections (anti-inflammation)
  • long and costly physical therapy (ice, heat, ultrasound, massage, electrical stimulation, etc)
  • cortisone (powerful anti-inflammatory!)

Great care… Wrong Problem (it’s not an ‘itis‘).  So, of course, you don’t get better.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and these attempts just prolong your recovery. Many people go through never-ending cycles of — gets better, gets worse, gets better, gets worse — again and again. Costing a lot of time and money.

Get the proper treatment.

The right treatment is to immediately STOP and correct the continual irritation (micro-trauma) to the Bursa and Tendons so you can recovery quickly!

For 35 years this is how treatment at the Pain-Free Shoulder Clinic has helped patients have normal shoulders again. FAST

Get the proper Treatment you need.

Dr. Bock’s Revolutionary Pain-FREE Shoulder Treatment
Quickly Corrects Shoulder Bursitis.


Pills, anti-inflammatories or medications
Difficult painful therapies and exercises
Endless expensive treatments

While caring for Olympic athletes, Dr. Bock developed this extraordinary Bursitis Treatment that can help you get back to doing the things you like… quickly.

His 35 years of experience and research can quickly help relieve your Shoulder Bursitis pain and lack of normal movement.

Helping you avoid surgery.

Of the 93% of patients who are helped at The Pain-Free Shoulder Clinic, most have previously either been prescribed and/or tried physio (physical therapy) or cortisone injections. 

At The Pain-Free Shoulder Clinic, most patients greatly improve within 1-5 treatments.
(instead of over 20-60 sessions and 4-6 months of physio).

Get the right treatment for Your bursa.

The Revolutionary Shoulder Treatment Solution

Gentle Treatment helps the Shoulder Bursitis so you can move again… Pain-FREE!

Dr Bock has discovered the Source of the problem and how to fix your shoulder quickly.

The Treatment stops the irritation to the bursa so it can move again and get well.

He has been providing the Shoulder Treatment for 35 years. Olympic athletes and regular people too(!) get fast results.

Please call for your FREE consultation and orthopaedic exam

Dr. Bock will carefully listen to you, what happened to your shoulder and arm, what it can and can’t do, what you have tried so far. If you have any exams please bring them with you.

After your exam, Dr. Bock will honestly tell you if he can help or not. (If not, he may be able to suggest an alternative.)

If you are a good candidate for the Treatment you can begin on your very first appointment.

93% of all people who come to the clinic are helped within just 1-5 treatments. Most people are able to get 80% improvement at the first visit.



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