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Which Treatment is Best for Shoulder Problems?

There are lots of treatments, no wonder it’s confusing! Why are there so many different treatments? Because… most don’t work, so, there are many attempts to come up with something new and… different.  Yes. Confusing.

What do you do?  Who do you turn to…
to get your Shoulder better?

Follow the urging of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
After reviewing 9,351 studies they recommend
ONE (and only one) Core Treatment.

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First, we need to know which Treatment is Best.


Find the Expert Clinic that provides this Treatment.

Don’t have time to read the full article? Here are the main three points-

  1. “Shoulder-Specific Exercise” is THE Best Treatment says 2017 global study from British Journal of Sports Medicine (from 9,351 studies)
  2. 99% of other treatments don’t work as the main treatment (poor results, see below which don’t work)
  3. Pain-FREE Shoulder Clinic providing “Shoulder-Specific Exercise” for 35 years, Olympics and private practice. Dr. Bock is a leading world expert. FREE Consultation and Examination!  Call us now!

Which Treatment is Best

According to the 2017 comprehensive global study in the…
British Journal of Sports Medicine reviewed 9,351 studies on Shoulder Treatments.

The British Journal concluded ONE treatment is SUPERIOR-

“Shoulder-Specific Exercise”
is THE most effective and recommended Treatment
for the most common Shoulder Injuries / Problems.
(rotator cuff, tendinitis, bursitis, tears, impingement syndrome, painful arc, etc)

  • Shoulder-Specific Exercise helps the shoulder return to its normal movements so pressure and physical stress are relieved from your injury so it can heal and recover quickly.
  • Very precise and specific Treatment also stops constant repetitive Re-Injury from happening. Re-Injury prolongs recovery. What you do at home, work and play… is very important.
  • Shoulder-Specific Exercises need to be helpful, without causing any more harm or injury.  (This is where many therapists miss the mark.  They force the shoulder during “care”)
  • Stopping the Re-Injury prevents the problem from returning.

The Result? You get better very quickly!

This study concluded:

  1. “Shoulder-Specific Exercise is considered THE core conservative treatment for Shoulder Impingement”, meaning: rotator cuff, bursitis, tendinitis, tears, painful arc
  2. “Shoulder-Specific Exercises should be prescribed for ALL patients with shoulder impingement”.
  3. Use a minimum period of 12 weeks of conservative treatments”.  (36-48 treatments)

Our patients do considerably better than this recommendation.
93% of our patients are better in 5 Treatment Sessions.

Don’t Wait.
If you want to get well quickly… start your Treatment today.
(find out why you shouldn’t wait)

No other Treatment specifically prevents Re-Injury.  This is just one reason why other treatments are not effective. They often worsen or prolong the shoulder injury.

Which Treatments are NOT showing effective results?

(sit down for this one)

British Journal of Sports Medicine Findings:  Treatments that had insufficient evidence (results) for Shoulder Problems and are NOT recommended as the main treatment are:
(Shocking, yes.)

  • Physiotherapy
  • Surgery (very low evidence surgery was better than specific exercise)
  • Acupuncture
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Massage
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Ultrasound (very low evidence of effectiveness)

(My opinion is that these therapies do have a limited benefit, but not enough to be considered the main treatment. If you want your shoulder better quickly… Don’t rely on these therapies.  Instead…)

Shoulder-Specific Exercise is THE Best Treatment. period.

If you want your Shoulder to get better… and get better quickly… choose Shoulder-Specific Exercise Treatment.

Or, as I call it… the “Shoulder Revolution Solution” ™.  I designed it to be 100% Pain-FREE!

The sooner you begin Treatment the faster you can recover!

Where to find Expert Treatment

I have been providing Shoulder-Specific Exercise Treatment, helping Olympic athletes and my private practice patients, for 35 years.

93% of our patient’s Shoulder Problems get better in less than 5 Treatment Sessions.

No More Shoulder Tendinitis

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The study cited:
“Effectiveness of conservative interventions including exercise, manual therapy and medical management in adults with shoulder impingement.”  Steuri R, Sattelmayer M, Elsig S, et al. Br J Sports Med 2017;51:1340–1347.

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