Praia da Rocha Rotator Cuff Treatment

Praia da Rocha Rotator Cuff Treatment

Praia da Rocha Rotator Cuff Treatment Tears Care Physical Therapy physio ultrasound electrical stimulation

Dr. Bock and The Pain-FREE Shoulder Clinic, a world leader in Shoulder Rotator Cuff Treatment, is located in Portimão, just minutes from Praia da Rocha (4 km / 2 miles) Algarve Portugal. Chiropractor near me

Clinic is easy to find as we are in the Centro Medico Center of the Bombeiros Headquarters.  (near Pingo Doce Market, SEF, and the Portimão Market – Mercado Municipal)

Address: Centro Médico – Suite 2, R. dos Bombeiros Voluntários, 8500-649 Portimão
(+351)  282 352 202  (click and call)
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BEST Shoulder Treatment for Rotator Cuff injuries as rated by the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Dr. Bock has been providing this treatment for 35 years.

Dr. Bock has been treating shoulder conditions, including rotator cuff injuries for the past 35 years, from elite world-class Olympic athletes to private practice “every day” patients.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study that reviewed all Shoulder Treatments. It concluded that the treatment provided by Dr. Bock is the Best Rotator Cuff Treatment. It’s now available in Portimão!  (just minutes from Praia da Rocha)

This study reviewed 9351 studies published and concluded:

  • All patients with a Rotator Cuff Injury/Problem should primarily be treated with “Shoulder-Specific Exercise”, which is what Dr. Bock has been providing for 35 years.
  • The study also found that most other treatments don’t show sufficient evidence or results. This includes: Physical Therapy, ultrasound, shockwave therapy, electrical stimulation, massage, myofascial trigger point therapy, Acupuncture, and anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Surgery is NOT any better than “Shoulder-Specific Exercise”.

The study also recommended a minimum treatment schedule of 12 weeks before surgery should be considered. (That’s 36-48 treatment sessions.)

93% of Dr. Bock’s patients recover in less than 5 Treatment Sessions!

If you are looking for the Best and Top Rated treatment for your Rotator Cuff near Praia da Rocha – look no further. Dr. Bock is a leading world expert on the treatment of rotator cuff and impingement syndrome (which includes: tendonitis, bursitis, tears, painful arc syndrome, calcific tendonitis, etc).

Why Wait?  Get your life and shoulder back in action!

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(+351)  282 352 202  (click and call)

Your Shoulder will thank you!

We’re here to Help You at The Pain-FREE Shoulder Clinic.
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Languages Spoken English, Portuguese, Spanish, French

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Dr. Bock

Pain-FREE Shoulder Clinic
Bombeiros Voluntários Portimão, Suite 2
Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários
8500-763 Portimão
282 352 202

(+351)  282 352 202  (click and call)

Helping people in Praia da Rocha, with Rotator Cuff / Shoulder problems, and all over the Algarve, Portugal
Portimão, Lagoa, Lagos, Alvor, Carvoeiro, Silves, Porches, Monchique, Almancil, Praia da Rocha