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Get relief from Impingement Syndrome in Portimão Algarve at the Pain-Free Shoulder Clinic.

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Diagnosed with Impingement Syndrome?

Can’t raise your painful shoulder & arm?

Prescribed physio but not getting better?

Surgery recommended?

~ Now Imagine ~

A Completely Pain-FREE Treatment that:

  • Quickly relieves your painful shoulder 
  • Your mobility and movement return
  • Your injury heals quickly
  • You can return to life’s enjoyable activities

All of this in just a few treatments… right here.

What is Impingement Syndrome?

As you probably already know it’s a painful squeezing of the two tendons, muscle and/or bursae at the shoulder joint. It’s usually so painful that it stops you from being able to raise your arm. It can be quite painful during sleep. Stops you from doing the things you’d like to do.

It is the squeezing or “collision” of the two shoulder bones that causes the pain and prolongs your injury and recovery time. Many times for months or years. The shoulder blade (scapula) and the arm bone (humerus) slam together squeezing or impinging the delicate tendons, muscles or bursa.

Physical therapy attempts to do something to the tendon, muscle or bursa (ultrasound, laser, hot/cold, massage, etc.) Unfortunately, none of these actually are treating the “real” problem causing the Impingement Syndrome. Failed physio (usually 20-60 sessions) leads to a recommendation of surgery.

The culprit is the shoulder blade and arm bone not working properly. They continually and unrelentingly re-injuring your problem so it never gets better.

Dr. Bock’s Revolutionary Pain-FREE Shoulder Treatment
Quickly Corrects the “Impingement Syndrome ” of the Arm and Shoulder

If you’re having Impingement Syndrome in Portimão Algarve the Pain-Free Shoulder Clinic is right for you.


Pills, anti-inflammatories or medications
Difficult painful therapies and exercises
Endless expensive treatments

While caring for Olympic athletes, Dr. Bock developed this extraordinary Treatment that can help you get back to doing the things you like… quickly.

His 35 years of experience and research can quickly help relieve your Impingement Syndrome.

The Revolutionary Impingement Syndrome Solution

Gentle Treatment releases the Impingement Syndrome so you can move again… Pain-FREE!

Dr. Bock has discovered the Source of the problem and how to fix your Impingement Syndrome quickly.

He has been treating Impingement Syndrome for 35 years. Olympic athletes and regular people get fast results.

Please call for your FREE consultation and orthopaedic exam

Dr. Bock will carefully listen to you, what happened to your shoulder and arm, what it can and can’t do, what you have tried so far. If you have any exams please bring them with you.

After your exam, Dr. Bock will honestly tell you if he can help or not. (If not, he may be able to suggest an alternative.)

If you are a good candidate for the Treatment you can begin on your very first appointment.

93% of all people who come to the clinic are helped within just 1-5 treatments. Most people are able to get 80% improvement at the first visit.


12-18 months 18% of people with Impingement Syndrome will get the same symptoms on the opposite side, without any injury.

Researchers have no idea why this happens.

Dr. Bock understands the Source of this mystery: The Cause and Prevention. The Pain-Free Treatment stops this problem.

The Pain-Free Treatment helps BOTH shoulders. So you should never have a problem with your other shoulder. NO other treatment addresses this issue!

Once again you can have a Pain-Free shoulder.
Dr. Bock’s Treatment quickly releases the Impingement Syndrome and fixes the problem.

Maybe you’ve tried other treatments (physical therapy, physio, massage, acupuncture, osteopathy, bowen, exercise, injections, cortisone, etc)…

But they don’t correct the Source of the problem.

They only treat the symptom, and Hope the problem gets better. Often the Impingment Syndrome returns several months after their efforts.


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Get relief from Impingement Syndrome in Portimão Algarve at the Pain-Free Shoulder Clinic.

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